Ishqbaaz: MAJOR DRAMA During Holi Celebrations; Will Shivaay Succeed In Exposing Saumya?


Shivaay & Anika Worried

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Shivaay looks irritated as he feels Anika is hiding something from him and Tia is also not revealing anything. While Anika doesn’t want to worry Shivaay by telling about the kid (Aryan) to Shivaay until she finds out about his real parents, Shivaay wants to save his family from his enemies.

Veer Uses Aryan To Destroy Oberois

Meanwhile, Veer plots to bring Aryaan in front of others. He makes Aryan sit inside the logs of wood (used for Holika Dahan). Anika and others will be shocked to see him inside the logs of wood and rush to save him, while some one sets the wood on fire. They manage to get the kid out as well, while Veer looks on in anger!

Rudra and Saumya’s Fake Marriage

On the other hand, Shivaay lashes out at the pandit who got Rudra and Saumya married who were in inebriated state. The pandit reveals that he is an actor and the marriage was fake, as the girl (Saumya) gave him money to do so! Rudra is upset that Saumya betrayed him.

Rudra Loves Bhavya & Wants To Marry Her

They guess that since their marriage was fake, Saumya now wants to get married to Rudra. Shivaay assures that Rudra will definitely get married to Bhavya.

Anika, Bhagya and Gauri Save Aryan

Bhavya, Anika and Gauri are hurt to see Aryan injured and get him to the kitchen to prepare food for him. But, Shivaay finds the kid, who calls him father! Anika and others somehow manage to change the topic and take the kid with them.

Veer’s Plan

Veer is irked that Bhavya, Anika and Gauri saved the kid and Oberoi’s reputation. He plans to make the ladies drink Bhaag during the Holi celebrations, so that they themselves reveal about the kid in front of everyone.

Shivaay’s Plan

On the other hand, Shivaay too, plans to make Saumya drink bhang so that she reveals her plans against Oberois (Rudra). Who will succeed in their plan – Veer or Shivaay? Despite being warned by Saumya, Veer and Roop, will Tia be able to reveal Kalyani Mills fire secret to Shivaay?

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